Who We Are

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The Tasteful Workshop was born from an observation of the City of Atlanta. Atlanta is an economic, tourist and cultural capital, but it is not yet sufficiently recognized as a gastronomic city. However, a whole young guard of chefs has awakened the gastronomy of Atlanta, by opening new addresses, accessible and in tune with the times. Atlanta and its region also benefit from a rich and little-known terroir, which these chefs are keen to enhance every day on their menu.

The Tasteful Workshop is a unique local project that promotes regional cuisine through its players, chefs and producers (breeders, farmers, fishermen, brewers, etc.), favoring local products, respectful of the soil, life and biodiversity. It promotes the creativity of chefs and the know-how of producers and artisans and all those linked to eating well, in its gastronomic, nutritional, artistic and heritage dimension.

The Tasteful Workshop, these are festive, cultural, general public (including for children) and of course tasty gatherings, which initiate an art of living and eating in Atlanta and promote this gastronomy nationally and internationally.